Students, foreign citizens who study in Croatia or they are on faculty in Croatia as exchange student (Erasmus, Erasmus+, etc.), need the following to become member of Student service:
  • Certificate of study on Faculty in Croatia (in Croatian language) or certificate for student exchange (ERASMUS, ERASMUS+) - an electronic student status certificate can be downloaded through the system e -citizens (only for students on Faculty in Croatia),
  • x-ica (faculty card)
  • ID card
  • Registered address of residence in Croatia
  • OIB - personal identification number in Croatia (the condition that must be met in order to obtain a personal identification number is that student has a registered address of residence in Croatia, which students must report to the authorised police station)
  • Personal bank account - IBAN (bank card, bank certificate, contract signed with a bank or shown on the net banking)
  • the student must have compulsory health insurance in Croatia or European Health Insurance Card

  • Students who are employed do not have the right to work through Student service.